6 undergraduate majors newly added in SDUST

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the filing and approval results of undergraduate majors in ordinary higher education institutions for the year 2022. Six majors, including intelligent mining engineering, intelligent transportation, occupational health engineering, integrated circuit design and integrated systems, financial technology, and emergency equipment technology and engineering, applied by Shandong University of Science and Technology have been approved for filing, while four majors, including natural geography and resource environment, theoretical and applied mechanics, environmental science, and secretarial science, have been approved for revocation.

Since the 14th Five Year Plan, the university has implemented an optimization and adjustment plan for undergraduate majors, focusing on major national and provincial strategies and economic and social development needs, cultivating and strengthening emerging majors, suspending enrollment for majors that deviate from high demand , continuously optimizing the layout of specialties, and improving the level of specialty construction. Next, SDUST will scientifically plan its specialty layout, focusing on the construction of first-class majors and professional certification, optimizing the structure and curriculum of majors, comprehensively strengthening the construction of specialty connotations, improving the quality of talent cultivation, and continuously enhancing its ability to serve regional economic and social development.