Three majors of SDUST have passed the Engineering Education Professional Accreditation

On June 10, China Engineering Education Accreditation Association issued the results of Engineering Education Professional Accreditation and results of mid-term review. The three majors of Metal material engineering, Electronic information engineering, Computer science and technology of SDUST have passed the accreditation, and the validity period is 6 years, from January 2021 to December 2026. All the three majors are certified for the first time. Surveying and mapping engineering has passed the mid-term review and stays valid until December 2023.

At present, our school has 11 majors that passed the Engineering Education Professional Accreditation. The major of Mechanical and electronic engineering has completed the on-site investigation, and seven majors including Remote sensing, Resource exploration engineering, Hydrology and water resources engineering, Software engineering, Electrical engineering and automation, Communication engineering, Polymer materials and engineering have passed the accreditation.