China-Ukraine bilateral conference on shipbuilding and marine technology engineering held at SDUST

On May 26 to 27, the first China-Ukraine bilateral conference on ship design, construction, operation and maintenance, marine technology equipment and engineering was held in Shandong University of Science and Technology and Makarov National Shipbuilding University of Ukraine. The meeting was jointly hosted by China and Ukraine. Li Yuxia, vice president of SDUST, and TrushliakovE.I, President of Makarov National Shipbuilding University of Ukraine, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. More than 100 experts and students from universities and scientific research institutes of China and Ukraine attended the meeting.

At the opening ceremony, Li Yuxia and TrushliakovE.I expressed their sincere welcome to all the Chinese and foreign experts and scholars who attended the meeting online and offline. They hoped to take this meeting as an opportunity to further innovate cooperation ideas, improve cooperation channels and gather international innovation resources by building a high-level international academic exchange platform, comprehensively enhance marine technology innovation, competitiveness and international influence.

This bilateral meeting has strengthened exchanges and cooperation between universities and scientific research institutes of China and Ukraine, gathered bilateral scientific and educational forces of China and Ukraine in the fields of ship and ocean engineering and marine equipment R & D and application, and consolidated the foundation of academic cooperation, discipline construction and student exchanges among Universities and scientific research institutions of China and Ukraine. Both sides expressed that they are willing to take this opportunity to further innovate the cooperation mechanism and reach a new peak in the field of international exchange and interdisciplinary construction.