The 70th anniversary flag global relay was launched in Zibo, the birthplace of SDUST

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Shandong University of Science and Technology on September 25, 2021, the Alumni Association of SDUST organized and carried out the 70th anniversary flag global relay.

On April 18, the first stop of the 70th anniversary flag global relay started in Zibo, the birthplace of SDUST. In the early morning, the alumni of SDUST in Zibo came to the former site of Hongshan Coal Mine Industrial school to welcome the 70th anniversary flag of SDUST.

University President and President of the Alumni Association Yao Qingguo announced that the global relay of the 70th celebration flag is officially launched, and awarded the flag to Zibo Alumni Association. Yao said Zibo is the birthplace and starting point of SDUST. The history of the school is a history of struggle for continuous development and pursuit of excellence by all generations. The 70th anniversary of SDUST is also a festival for 370,000 alumni at home and abroad.

Yao pointed out that the passing of the flag is one of a series of activities of the school celebration. Now, the flag starts again in the birthplace of SDUST, passing on the festive atmosphere and the historical heritage of the University. We hope that the alumni can feel the sincere greetings from their alma mater through the flag relay activities.

The alumni were enthusiastic at the site. They waved the flag and loudly expressed their gratitude to their alma mater, and expressed their best wishes for the coming 70th birthday of SDUST. In the next five months, the flag relay activities will be held globally.