Valeriy Babich, cheif designer of the Varyag, visited SDUST

On September 18, Valeriy vasiliyevich Babich, a Ukrainian aircraft carrier expert and chief designer of the Varyag, and Bondarenko Alexander, President of the Shipbuilding Institute of Makarov State Shipbuilding University, Ukraine, visited SDUST. Vice President Zhou Donghua met with the guests and discussed about relevant cooperative projects.

Zhou Donghua welcomed the arrival of the guests and introduced SDUST from the aspects of scale, discipline construction, personnel training, scientific research, etc. he pointed out that SDUST is a key construction university of Shandong Province for cultivating personnels with practical abilities. Especially in recent years, the university has made great efforts to develop marine discipline and made some achievements in marine discipline. It is hoped that the two experts will provide more help and guidance, more valuable opinions and suggestions, and contribute to the development of marine discipline in SDUST.

Valeriy vasiliyevich Babich introduced his own scientific research experience and expressed his appreciation for the development of marine discipline in SDUST. He said that marine discipline has a broad development prospect and hoped that both sides can further strengthen exchanges and cooperation. Bondarenko Alexander introduced Makarov State Shipbuilding University. He said that Makarov State Shipbuilding University and SDUST have broad cooperation space in marine discipline and other fields. He hoped that the two universities could strengthen ties, establish close cooperation relationship and jointly promote the construction and development of related disciplines.

During the visit, Valeriy vasiliyevich Babich and Bondarenko Alexandria attended the Symposium on the construction of relevant laboratories in the College of marine science and engineering of SDUST, and provided suggestions, guidance and support to the laboratory construction.