Luo Gongli was Invited to Visit Universities in Canada and the U.S.

From November 4 to 11, Chairman of the University Council Luo Gongli led a delegation to visit McGill University in Canada, the University of Western New England, Clark University and Universityof Massachusetts (Lowell).

At McGill University, Philip Oxhorn, Vice President of Foreign Affairs, Josephine Nalbantoglu, Dean of Graduate School, and members of the Overseas Expert Group of our potential "111 Project" Base warmly welcomed the delegation. The two sides indicated that the exchange of visits and scientific research cooperation and exchanges between professors of the two universities had achieved good results. They agreed to continue to deepen the cooperative relationship, expand the scope of cooperation, further deepen mutual visits and scientific cooperation, and explore an effective mode of joint education of postgraduates of the two universities. After in-depth discussion, the two universities signed the Letter of Intention for AcademicCooperation between the College of Mining and Safety Engineering of Shandong University of Science and Technology and the College of Engineering of McGill University in Canada.

At the University of West New England, President Anthony Caprio and Vice-President Linda Jones warmly welcomed the delegation. The two sides reviewed the course of the friendship and cooperation between the two universities over the past five years. In particular, the  student exchange project held by the two schools over the years was successfully approved as the national Sino-US humanities exchange project this year, further enhancing the level of cooperation between the two universities. The two sides signed the Agreement on Inter-University Cooperation between Shandong University of Science and Technology and the University of West New England in the United States, and discussed in detail the further development of the "3+1+1" student program for engineering-related majors. The delegation, accompanied by the dean of the School of Engineering at the University of West New England, visited the relevant laboratories at the College of Engineering.

At Clark University, President David Angel and Vice-President Julie Dolan had a friendly meeting with the delegation. Over the past ten years, the two universities have successfully cooperated in the cooperative education programs. Luo Gongli and David Angel both said that the development and growth of a school cannot be separated from its internationalization. The two sides discussed about mutual visits of teachers and scientific research cooperation, and reached a number of consensus. They signed the Annex to the Agreement between Shandong University of Science and Technology and Clark University of the United States on cooperative educational programs. The delegation also had a meeting with teachers and students visiting Clark University.

At the University of Massachusetts (lowell), the delegation was warmly received by Professor Pradeep Kurup, head of the School of Engineering, and Tzuyang Yu, head of the Department of Civil Engineering. The delegation visited the relevant laboratories of civil engineering and listened to the research reports of outstanding students, which laid a good foundation for future talent introduction and cooperation between the two universities.

The delegation also had friendly meetings with the local Shandong Association in Boston. Luo Gongli introduced the overall situation of SDUST, especially the demand for talents. He pointed out that Boston is a place where talents gather. He hoped that the association would cooperate actively with SDUST and recommend outstanding talents to workin our university. The two sides reached a cooperative intention on the establishment of a North American talent introduction work station.

This visit has further strengthened ties with Canadian and American universities, promoted and expanded ourinternational cooperation platform, and achieved a number of pragmatic cooperation results, laying a solid foundation for the future internationalization and development of SDUST.