President of Moratuwa University, Sri Lanka K.K.C.K.PERERA Visits SDUST

From 29 to 30 October, Professor K.K.C.K.Perera, President of Moratuwa University, Sri Lanka, visited SDUST. Vice-President Yao Qingguo met with the guests, accompanied by the Dean of Educational Affairs, the Director of International Office and the heads of College of Mining and the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Yao Qingguo welcomed the guests. He briefly introduced the history, scale, personnel training, international exchanges and cooperation of SDUST. He and K.K.C.K. Perera reviewed the exchanges of teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students since the establishment of the inter-university cooperative relationship in 2015. At the same time, China has a long history of friendly relations with Sri Lanka, and the "Belt and Road" initiative has brought new opportunities for cooperation between the two universities. The cooperation between the two universities will surely achieve more fruitful results.

K.K.C.K. Perera thanked Prof. Yao for his warm welcome. He introduced the basic situation of Moratuwa University in Sri Lanka and expressed the great importance of cooperation between the two universities. And this is his very first visit to China. He thanked SDUST for its excellent education, good environment and care for its overseas students. He hoped to further expand exchanges and cooperation on the basis of good cooperation with SDUST.

After the discussions, Yao Qingguo and K.K.C.K.Perera signed a visiting-student agreement. According to the agreement, 10-15 students majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering are assigned to our College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for a 10-week internship each year, and a teacher is sent to give lectures at the same time.

During the visit, President K.K.C.K. Perera and his delegation exchanged views with the College of Mining and the Collegeof Mechatronics on teacher-student exchanges, joint training and scientific research cooperation. They also gave academic reports on "Energy Trends" and "Robot Institutions and Control Systems for Disabled Persons" for the teachers and students of the College of Mechatronics.