Wang Shaopeng was invited to attend the Presidents' Forum of Universities across

From October 22 to 27, Vice President Wang Shaopeng was invited to attend the Presidents' Forum of Universities across The Taiwan Strait and to visit Taiwan Ocean University, Chinese Culture University and National Chung Hsing University.

In Taiwan Ocean University, President Zhang Qingfeng and others warmly welcomed our delegation and signed a university level cooperation agreement with SDUST. The two universities will strengthen cooperation in academic exchanges, teacher visits,  joint academic conferences and student exchanges, and provide some scholarships under the conditions of reciprocal cooperation.

In National Chung Hsing University, President Xue Fusheng, Vice-President Huang Zhenwen and Dean Cai Dongjie of the Faculty of Law and Politics had friendly and warm discussions with the delegation. Wang Shaopeng introduced the progress made in the double first-class construction and the fourth round of discipline evaluation in our university. After thorough discussions between the two universities, both sides reached intention of cooperation. Both sides decided to expand the existing cooperation area to the engineering field and carry out the exchange of researchers in the two universities' strong disciplines, especially the exchange of master and doctoral students. The two sides will further discuss the specific implementation measures and details and sign program cooperation agreement as soon as possible.

In Chinese Cultural University, acting president Wang Shuyin and director of Mainland Culture and Education Department Chen Peiling had in-depth discussions with our delegation. The two sides signed the Agreement on Academic Cooperation and Exchange and the Protocol on Short-term Research and Exchange. The two universities agreed to promote the programs and accept short-term research and other exchanges among students from the two sides. Undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students are qualified to participate in the programs.

Since 2002, the Presidents' Forum of Universities across the Taiwan Strait has been held alternately in universities across the Taiwan Strait and Shandong Province. It is an important platform for communications of universities in Taiwan and Shandong. The forum was solemnly held at Taiwan Ocean University, with the themes of "Cross-strait exchanges and cooperation for common talent cultivation", "innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent cultivation" and so on. A total of more than 100 delegates from 18 mainland universities and 23 Taiwan universities attended. Relevant leaders of our university made two thematic reports at the meeting: "Promote cross-strait educational exchanges relying on regional advantages "and "Marine Law Training".