Professor Chen Xiaodong of Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore was app

On October 19, Professor Chen Xiaodong, Professor and Vice-Dean of School of Material Science and Engineering of Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore, was appointed as a special professor of Shandong University of Science and Technology. Professor Luo Gongli, Chairman of the University Council, issued a letter of recruitment for Chen Xiaodong. The principal leaders of the university office, HR office and the School of Materials attended the meeting.

Luo Gongli welcomed Chen Xiaodong's and introduced the history, scale, discipline construction, faculty, personnel training and scientific research of Shandong University of Science and Technology. He hoped to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in personnel training and scientific research. Chen Xiaodong thanked Prof. Luo for his trust and hoped to further strengthen cooperation between the two sides among related colleges.

After the meeting, Professor Chen Xiaodong was invited to give an academic report entitled "Mechano-adaptable Materials for Conformal Sensors" for teachers and postgraduates of the College of Materials.