Yin Hua was Invited to visit German and British Universities with His Delegation

From June 10 to 17, Yin Hua, Vice presidentof the University Council of Shandong University of Science and Technology, was invited to lead a delegation to visit the University of Applied Technology inAnsbach, Germany, the University of London and the University of Worcester.

During his visit to Germany, Yin hua and his delegation were warmly welcomed by Professor Ambroses, President of AnsbachUniversity of Applied Technology, Professor Muller, Vice-President, and Ms. Hoon, Director of International Department. Both sides expressed that we should continue to strengthen cooperation between the two universities, deepenthe friendship between the two universities after 15 years since we've established coperative relationship, and discussed about problems existing in the cooperation programs and proposed solutions. The possibility of establishing cooperative campuses in Sino-German Eco-Park was also discussed. Accompanied by Ms. Hoon, Yin hua and his delegation visited three campuses, namely, Rottenburg, Foyhitwangen andWilburg.

During his visit to London University in the UK, the delegation held specific consultations with Professor Nick, Director of Admissions, and Professor Soong Lianyi of Asia-Africa College on the cooperation projects such as summer classes. According to the consensus of both sides, the first batch of students from London University will come to SDUST  for exchange and study during this summer vacation. During his visit to the University of Worcester, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Professor David Green, President of  University of Worcester, Professor Warren Wright, Dean of Business School, Professor Janbeck, Director of Academic QualityDepartment and Nick, Director of International Relations Department. The two sides held friendly consultations, reached consensus and solved the problems existing in the teaching of cooperative projects. The two sides also consulted on the renewal of the cooperative school-running agreement. On the basis of good cooperation between the two sides, the two sides agreed to renew the agreement for five years.

Yin Hua's visit to German and British Universities deepened the field of cooperation, enhanced the friendship with the universities mentioned above , solved the problems existing in the cooperation project and made the visit a success.