Xiu Huajing, Foreign Dean of Confucius Institute, University of Kentucky, USA, w

On June 15, Xiu Huajing, Executive Directorof the China Office of University of Kentucky and Foreign Dean of ConfuciusInstitute, visited SDUST, and Yao Qingguo, President, welcomed Xiu Huajing.

Yao Qingguo introduced the basic situationof SDUST from the aspects of history, educational pattern, personnel training,international exchanges and cooperation. He hoped to strengthen the exchangesand cooperation with University of Kentucky and constantly improve the internationalization level of SDUST. Xiu Huajing introduced the basic situationof University of Kentucky, focusing on the international programs and cooperation. Xiu Huajing was employed as a part-time professor in SDUST, and Yao Qingguo issued an employment letter for Xiu Huajing.

During his stay in SDUST, Xiu Huajing also gave a report entitled "The Charm of Chinese Art and Culture" to the teachers and students of the SDUST.