Cooperative Courses between Shandong University of Science and Technology and Un

On May 14, Professor Kenneth Lee, Head ofthe Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Professor Hsiu-JungMindy Chang from Department of Communication of the University of Western New England, led 15 American students to SDUST for a one-month cooperative course.This is the fifth year to conduct cooperative courses between SDUST and the University of Western New England.

Two courses, Statics and Comparison of Chinese and Western Languages and Cultures, are offered in this cooperative course program, which are taught in English by Professor Keeneth Lee and Professor Hsiu-Jung Mindy Chang, respectively. The College of Civil Engineering selected 30 students to study Statics, the College of Foreign Languagesselected 18 students to study Comparisons of Chinese and Western Languages andCultures, and the 15 students from University of Western New England study bothcourses. According to the content of the courses, the subject is divided intothemes, unit tests are arranged at the end of the subject, and final exams areconducted. Those who are qualified can get credit for the courses and getapproved by the two schools. In addition, we offer 16-hour Chinese courses forstudents of the University of Western New England. The two professors will also conduct academic communications with teachers of the College of Civil Engineering and the College of Foreign Languages.

SDUST and the University of Western New England have been holding cooperative courses since 2014, and have successfully held four courses so far. In 2018, the fifth cooperative course was approved for the first time by the Chinese government scholarship for Chinese and American students. The establishment of cooperative courses has effectively implemented the agreement between the two sides, deepened the exchanges and cooperation between the two schools, facilitated the introduction of high-quality educational resources from the United States, absorbed useful teaching experience, broadened students' international horizons, promoted curriculum and teaching reform in SDUST, and promoted the international levelof SDUST.