Luo Gongli meets Prof. Hani Mitri from McGill University

On May 7th, Luo Gongli, chairman of theuniversity council, met Professor Hani Mitry, head of the Mining Engineering Disciplineat Mcgill University, Canada.

Luo Gongli welcomed professor Hanni Mitriand spoke highly of his academic achievements. Luo Gongli pointed out thatChina's higher education has developed rapidly in recent years, but there isstill a gap compared with the developed countries, and it is necessary to learnthe educational concepts from developed countries. Shandong University ofScience and Technology is in the key period of development. In order to improvethe university level, more and more high-level internationalized talents areneeded. Professor Hani Mitry has played a good demonstration role as the leaderof the overseas academic team of the Academic Innovation Introduction Program(111 plan) of the University. In the future, the university will create abetter academic environment and attract more high - level internationalizedtalents. The relevant departments in university should do better in service andin providing a stage for the high-level talents.

Professor Hanni Ditri thanked Luo forinvitation and trust. He introduced the related situation of McGill Universityand the mining engineering in Canada. He said he would work closely with relatedcolleges and majors in SDUST in the future and make contributions in the fieldsof scientific research and talent training.

During his stay at the university,Professor Hanni Mitri made two academic reports entitled "The developmentcourse and teaching method of Mcgill University's mining engineeringdiscipline" and "Research progress of surrounding rock control andsafety engineering in mines".

The principal leaders of the InternationalOffice and the College of Mining and Safety Engineering attended the meeting.