Prof. Ismet Canbulat from UNSW visits SDUST

On March 19th, Professor Ismet Canbulatfrom University of New South Wales, Australia, visited SDUST. Luo Gongli, chairmanof the university council, met with him.

Luo Gongli welcomed professor IsmetCanbulat, introduced the basic situation of SDUST and about the international cooperationof SDUST, and expressed the desire to establish a comprehensive and long-termcooperative relationship with the University of New South Wales in Australia.Luo Gongli said that the school attaches great importance to internationalexchanges and cooperation, and has established friendly and cooperative relationswith many famous universities in the world. In the future, it will furtherimprove the level of international cooperation and cultivate more talentedpeople with international vision.

Professor Ismet Canbulat thanked the Luofor invitation and reception, and introduced the relevant situations ofUniversity of New South Wales and Institute of Mining Engineering. He said thatUniversity of New South Wales and Shandong University of Science and Technologyhave a broad space for cooperation, and hope to cooperate with ShandongUniversity of Science and Technology in fields of talents training andscientific research and so on, to promote common development.

Zhao Xiangdong, director of the InternationalOffice, Tan Yunliang, Dean of the College of Mining and Safety Engineering, andShen Bao Tang, a leading scholar in the discipline and talent team of theacademics of China, attended the meeting.