Guests from Clark University visits SDUST

On November 8th, Dr. William Fisher, ViceDean and Graduate School of Clark University, visited 5 schools. Yao Qingguo,vice president of Shandong University of Science and Technology, met with theguests. Zhao Xiangdong, director of the international cooperation andcooperation department, accompanied them.

Yao Qingguo welcomed the arrival of Dr.William Fisher and his colleagues. He said that Shandong University of Scienceand Technology and Clark University have a long and good cooperativerelationship. The education and academic exchanges between the two schools haveplayed an active role in the international education and students' training inour school. I hope to take this visit as an opportunity to further deepen thecooperation and exchange between the two schools.

Dr. William Fisher thanked the enthusiasticreception of Shandong University of Science and Technology, and said that ClarkUniversity attached great importance to cooperation with Shandong University ofScience and Technology and hoped that more exchanges would be made to promotecooperation between the two schools more smoothly and deeper.