Chinese Proficiency Competition (Preliminary) for International Students of SDUS

The Chinese Proficiency Competition for International Students of SDUST 2015 kicked off on April 10th.

16 contestants from Russia, Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc, participated in the preliminary,

and after contention 10 advanced to the finals.
The preliminary consisted of three parts: self-introduction, keynote speech and Q&A session with judges.

Contestants made their debut in the opening dance of the ceremony, which was followed by the self-

introduction session in which contestants came up with unique and original styles. While in the keynote

speech session, contestants shared their feelings in Chinese language learning and Chinese culture

experiencing by giving speech on themes like Chinese festivals, Chinese food, my wishes and things I

have learnt in China, etc. Judges and audiences were deeply impressed by their touching stories, witty

remarks and fluent Chinese expression. In the Q&A part, contestants demonstrated their resourcefulness

in answering judges’ questions, drawing much warm applause from the audience.