Guests from Ansbach University Visited SDUST

On 4th March, a party of two members led by Prof. Hedderich, Director of the Economic Management College

of Ansbach University of Germany visited SDUST. Prof. Ren Tingqi met with guests together with senior

officials from the College of Economic Management, the College of Chemical Engineering and the

International Office of SDUST.
Prof.Ren welcomed Prof. Hedderich and his party. Prof.Ren made an introduction to the development of

SDUST in recent years, as well as the students’ enrollment and scientific research of the Economic

Management and Chemical Engineering Colleges.
Prof. Hedderich said that it was a great honor for her to help exchange students of the two universities

to select their majors. She spoke highly of the development of SDUST and the cultivation quality of

SDUST’s students. She also said that Ansbach University is going to promote Chinese language learning,

and will send students to SDUST for joint education, thus improving communication and exchanges between

the two sides.