Luo Gongli meets president of Ansbach University of Applied Technology

On March 6th, President of the Ansbach Universityof Applied Technology from Germany, visited Shandong University of Science andTechnology with her 3 colleagues. Luo Gongli, chairman of the universitycouncil and vice president Yao Qingguo, met with them.

Luo Gong Li welcomed the arrival of theguests, fully affirmed the friendly cooperative relations and achievementsbetween the two universities. He said that China's higher education hasbeen rapidly developing in recent years, butthere is still a gap with developed countries such as Germany and otherdeveloped countries. We need to introduce in talents from universities indeveloped countries. With the advanced concept of training and scientificresearch, Germany is opening a broad space for cooperation with Chinese collegesand universities. We hope that both parties will further deepen exchanges andcooperation on the basis of long-term cooperation, and achieve more success inthe field of talent training and scientific research.

President Ambrois thanked the invitationand reception of SDUST, she gave full recognition to the outstanding studentsfrom SDUST, and highly praised the cooperation between the two parties. Shesaid that Ansbach Applied Technology University attaches great importance tocommunication and cooperation with Shandong University of Science andTechnology. She is convinced that the cooperation between the two sides willcontinue and the cooperation between the two sides will be further expanded.

Zhao Xiangdong, director of the InternationalOffice, Hou Guisheng, Dean of the College of Economics and Management, and LvXianjun, Dean of the College of Chemical Engineering, attended the meeting.