Prof BÖSNECKER from University of Applied Technology of Deggendorf visited SDUST

On December 29th, prof. BÖSNECKER from Universityof Applied Technology of Deggendorfvisited SDUST, leaders from the International Office,the Department of educational affairs, College of Mechatronical Engineering, Collegeof Computer Science and Engineering, and College of Electronic Communicationsand Physics welcomed prof. BÖSNECKER.

Zhao Xiangdong, director of theinternational Office, welcomed professor BÖSNECKER. He introduced the university'ssituation in terms of scale, discipline construction, scientific research,international exchange and so on, especially the achievements made in thefourth round of subject assessment in China. Professor BÖSNECKER expressed hisappreciation for the achievements of our university, and hoped to establish along-term friendly and cooperative relationship with our university and setforth a tentative plan for his cooperation with the colleges. The two partiesheld detailed discussions on joint training centers and the joint training ofstudents.

After the meeting, Professor BÖSNECKERvisited the laboratory and training center at College of Mechatronical Engineeringand College of Computer Science and Engineering.