SDUST Won the Chinese Talent Competition for Foreign Students in the Qingdao Wes

OnDecember 19th, the 2017 Chinese Talent Competition for Foreigners of the QingdaoWest New Area, which lasted for two months, ended in the studio hall of the newtelevision broadcasting center. More than two thousand foreign students fromuniversities in west new area gathered together to perform a cross-culturalfeast.

Thecompetition is jointly organized by the District Committee, the Office of the UniversityWork Committee and the Radio and Television Station of the district. Thecompetition has went through initial election and preliminary competition andthen to compete for the 21 final seats. More than 60 international studentsfrom Shandong University of Science and Technology have prepared 11 programs inthe finals. At the end, 20 foreign students from South Korea, Russia and othercountries who have a strong sense of the Chinese traditional art of"etiquette" won the group program champion, Marisa from Zimbabwe, witha song called Yingshanhong, won the individual single champion. In addition,our university has won the five prizes of all 5 group competitions and allindividual second prizes, 1 group third prize and 1 personal third prize. Atthe same time, three foreign students from our university were awarded the"Qingdao West Coast Friendship Envoy" Medal of honor, and the universityreceived the Best Organization Award.