Yuan Junping Meets Foreign Guests

OnDecember 11th, Yuan Junping, President of University Council of the ShandongUniversity of Science and Technology, met with foreign experts, vice presidentYao Qingguo, Director of International Office Zhao Xiangdong and leaders of theMining College Liang Saijiang, deputy director of the Mine Disaster Preventionand Control Key Laboratory Chen Lianjun, attended the meeting.

YuanJunping welcomed the arrival of all the experts. He introduced ShandongUniversity of Science and Technology from the aspects of school pattern, talenttraining, work staff, discipline construction, scientific research and so on.He pointed out that Shandong University of Science and Technology attachesgreat importance to the construction of the talent team and is fully aware ofthe importance of high level talents development in the university. He pointedout that it is to adhere to the idea that talent is the first resource, takethe job of talent cultivation and introduction as the number one project of theuniversity, adhere to the policy of training, introducing and employing, andstrive to build a high level of qualified personnels and teachers, and in whichwe have achieved remarkable results. The visiting experts from many countrieshave high academic level in their professional fields. He hopes to strengthencooperation with them to support the better and faster development of SDUST.

ProfessorMustafa Kumral, chairman of the Academic Committee on Mining Engineering,Mcgill University, Professor Marwan Alheib, director of the National Center forEnvironmental and Industrial Safety in France, Professor Petr Konicek, chiefscientist of the Institute of Geomechanics at the National Academy of Sciencesof Czech and vice president of the Institute of International Rock Mechanics,and Professor Dariusz Apel, a graduate student supervisor from the Universityof Alberta, Canada introduced their respective professional backgrounds andacademic achievements respectively.

Afterthe meeting, the experts came to visit the Mining College and the KeyLaboratory. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the topics ofcommon concerns. On December 12th, experts participated in the High-level Forumon the Construction of Mining and Safety Disciplines, and made excellentacademic reports on the frontiers of their respective fields.