DEE-ANNE RICHARDSON from International Development Department, Swinburne Univers

On December 6th, Dee-Anne Richardson from the Department of International Developmentof Swinburne University of Science and Technology, visited SDUST. Yao Qingguo,vice president of Shandong University of Science and Technology, met with Dee-AnneRichardson. The director of the International Office, Zhao Xiangdong, andrelated leaders from College of Mechatronics, College of Computer and InformationScience, College of Automation and art College attended the meeting.

YaoQingguo welcomed the visit of Dee-Anne Richardson. He introduced the school'ssituation from school history, discipline construction, talent training andinternational cooperation. He expressed that SDUST attaches great importance tothe exchange and cooperation with Swinburne University of Science and Technology,and hopes to realize the mutual development of the two universities through theestablishment of Sino- foreign cooperative educational institution.

Dee-AnneRichardson thanked the SDUST’s hospitality. She introduced Swinburne Universityof Science and Technology, and expressed the willingness carry out long-term,strategic and friendly cooperation with Shandong University of Science andTechnology.

Afterthe meeting, the two parties also discussed the specific issues of Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution.