Professor ALBERT ALBERS, academician of German National Academy of science and E

On November 10th, Professor Albert Albers,director of the National Institute of Science and Engineering and director ofthe Institute of Product Engineering, visited SDUST. Vice President CengQingliang, along with Dean of the School of Mechatronical Engineering XiaoLinjing, Director of the International Office Zhao Xiangdong met with ProfessorAlbert Albers.

Ceng Qingliang welcomed Professor AlbertAlbers, and introduced the university's situation from university history,university scale, work stuff, talent training, discipline construction and soon, and focused on the development of mechatronical engineering. He said thatthe Shandong University of Science and Technology has a good cooperativerelationship with the  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and hopes to take this visit as anopportunity to further deepen cooperation and carry out scientific research andjoint training programs.

Professor Albert Albers expressedappreciation for the warm reception of Shandong University of Science andTechnology and expressed appreciation for the development of the relateddisciplines. He introduced the relevant information of the  Karlsruhe Institute ofTechnology and hoped to further strengthen cooperation with Shandong Universityof Science and Technology in the future.