2016 SDUST Commencement for International Students

The Commencement and Degree Conferring Ceremony for the 2016 Shandong University of Science and Technology international student graduating class was held on June 23. Yao Qingguo, Vice President of SDUST, senior officials from the Academic Affairs Office, the International Office, the College of Economics and Management, etc., and representatives of the teaching faculty were present at the ceremony. Representatives of the current students, all students of the graduating class and their families, totaling 120 people, attended the ceremony which was anchored by Zhao Xiangdong, Director of the International Office.

Prof. Yao delivered a speech at the ceremony. On behalf of the university, he congratulated all graduates on their successful completion of study, while extending gratitude to the faculty members who have contributed the growth of students. “Your effort, your laughter, and the memories that you created were witnessed by the very walls and halls that surround us...All of you have contributed to the international culture of this university” Yao said. He hoped that all graduates can remain faithful to the university mottoTruth and Innovation-while achieving great things on the new journey they are about to embark upon.

On the joyous, yet, solemn occasion, Prof. Yao awarded the degree certificate to all students of thegraduating class, who went on to the stage one by one.

Muhammad Daniyal, representative of the current students, and Livia Lichwan, representative of the graduates, also delivered a speech respectively at the commencement ceremony.

There are 58 students in this year’s graduating class, from 17 countries including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Khazakstan, Somalia, Congo (Kinshasa), Ghana, Zambia, etc.