The Embassy of Bolivian Republic of Venezuela Donated Books to SDUST

The Embassy of Bolivian Republic of Venezuela Donated Books to SDUST

On October 28, Mr. Angel Leal, Culture Counselor of the Embassy of Bolivian Republic of Venezuela in China , led a delegation of three people on a visit to SDUST and donated books to the university. Prof. Yao Qingguo, Vice President of SDUST, extended warm welcome to the visiting guests and hold a meeting with them in a friendly atmosphere. Senior staffs from the International Office and the Library also attended the meeting.

Prof. Yao welcomed Counselor Leal and his delegation, and introduced the history, scale, student cultivation, discipline structure, as well as international exchange and cooperation of SDUST. He also appreciated the Embassy of Bolivian of Republic of Venezuela for organizing the book donation initiative which, in his words, is very significant as it can increase cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the two countries, adding that more university exchange programs between China and Venezuela are expected. Counselor Leal thanked SDUST for the hospitality he and his delegation had received and introduced the book donation initiative titled “The Road of Simon Rodriguez”. He said another reason of his visit was to help Venezuelan universities to find Chinese partners, hoping that SDUST would cooperate with Venezuelan universities and institutions in areas of education of international students and faculty training, etc. In the meeting, the two sides expressed the willingness to enhance cooperation between Venezuelan universities and SDUST in fields of energy, urban planning,transportation network construction, etc.

The meeting was then followed by a book donation ceremony in which Counselor Leal presented to SDUST works by Simon Rodriguez which include American Society, Defend Bolivia, Social Enlightenment and Morality and Letters from Jamaica, etc. All these works by Simon Rodriguez have historic meaning. Letters from Jamaica was even considered the political strategy and guidance for Simon Bolivar.

Background Information:
During his state visit to Bolivian Republic of Venezuela in 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping received a special gift-- Complete Works by Simon Rodriguez -- from Venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro, which increased Sino-Venezuelan friendship.
Simon Rodriguez, a Venezuelan?philosopher, educator and sociologist, notably the great Venezuelan military and political leader--Simon Bolivar’s tutor and mentor. Thanks to Simon Rodriguez’s instruction, Bolivar dedicated himself to the fighting against the Spanish colonial rule and sacrificed for the independence and liberation of Latin America.