Guests from Pyongtaek University of Korea Visited SDUST

On April 27th and 30th, Prof. Zhao Jixing, President of Pyeongtaek University led a delegation to visit SDUST. Prof. Ren Tingqi, President of SDUST and Prof.Wang Shaopeng, Vice President of SDUST, met with guests on Qingdao campus and Tai’an campus respectively. Senior staffs from International Office, Office of Academic Affairs, College of Foreign Languages were also present at the meeting.
On Qingdao Campus, President Ren extended his welcome to the delegation. He introduced the recent development of higher education of China and of SDUST in terms of student cultivation, discipline construction, scientific research and international cooperation and exchange,etc. In a friendly atmosphere, the two sides reviewed the cooperation in the past three years and acknowledged their achievements, expressing the willingness to expand cooperation. Prof. Zhao Jixing expressed his appreciation of the development of SDUST and highly evaluated the students sent by SDUST to Pyeongtaek University. Prof. Zhao also said that SDUST enjoys strengths in Engineering and the Korean corporations - Samsung and LG Group have production companies in  Pyeongtaek. Pyeongtaek University has cooperation with the two corporations and hopes to cooperate with SDUST to produce professionals for the corporations in the future.
On Tai'an campus, Prof. Wang Shaopeng made an introduction to the delegation about the culture of Shandong province and Tai’an city, and the Tai’an Campus of SDUST. Prof. Zhao expressed his thanks for the hospitality he had received. He said that the Confucius and Mencius culture had a profound influence on him. During the visit, the two sides reached a consensus after discussing in detail about the joint “3+2”, “3+1+2”education program in fields of economic management and computer science.

During visit to Tai’an campus, Pro PU Qiqie, Dean of International Office of Pyeongtaek University gave a lecture to the students. During visit to Qingdao campus, the delegation also visited the Earth Science Museum of SDUST.