Guests from Clark University visited SDUST

Prof. William Fisher, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School of Clark University of US led a delegation of five people to visit SDUST from March 15th to 18th. Prof. Ren Tingqi, President of SDUST and Prof .Zhang Shiqiang, Vice President of SDUST met with the guests on Qingdao and Ji'nan campuses respectively. Senior officials from the International Office, Graduate School and Ji'nan Campus also attended the meetings.

On Qingdao campus ,President Ren welcomed Prof. William Fisher. He said that SDUST valued the cooperation and exchanges with Clark University and Clark University was the first foreign friendly university he visited on behalf of SDUST. And he had a deep impression on the high-level teaching and scientific research, excellent environment and hard-working spirit of the faculty and staff. He fully affirmed the achievements obtained and the deep friendship forged by the two universities in the process of cooperation. As a provincial key university, SDUST has an ample supply of students of high quality and the university is willing to spare no effort in developing the program  sustainably and solve the problems in the English teaching through close cooperation with Clark University. The university will continue to improve the quality of education of students, provide more opportunities for students to study in the US and produce more competent personnel for the society.

On Ji'nan campus, Prof. Zhang briefly introduced SDUST’s present teaching, research and international exchange and fully acknowledged the achievements obtained in the program cooperation by the two universities. He expressed his sincere thanks to Clark University for the its efforts made in the program development and hoped that both sides will further strengthen cooperation and exchanges, continue to optimize the structure of curriculum, improve teaching methods, and bring the cooperative education program to a higher level.

During the meeting, Prof. William Fisher expressed his thanks for the welcome he has received, saying that it’s his honor to represent the Clark University to visit SDUST. SDUST is an important cooperative partner of Clark University, and Clark valued the cooperation with SDUST. He hoped that it can promote the bilateral cooperation more smoothly and deeply through more exchanges.

During the visit, the two sides reviewed and summaried on teaching and management of the cooperation programs over the past year, and discussed the related issues of program’s assessment and the measurement to make the program develop healthily. At the same time, they also consulted on the specific issues of English teaching, resource sharing, confirmation of share of teaching responsibilities and the training of Chinese teachers, and reached an agreement. The guests met with all the students on the cooperation programs and introduced Clark University as well as the cooperation programs and achieved remarkable results through the active interaction with the students.