Former Senator of Greater Toronto Area of Canada Visited SDUST

On January 26th, Gordon Landon, the former Senator of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Canada led a group of three people visited SDUST. Yuan Junping, Party Secretary of CPC of SDUST met with the guests. Senior staffs from the CPC Committee Office of SDUST, the Office of Academic Affairs and the International Office of SDUST were also present at the meeting.
Yuan Junping extended his welcome to Mr. Landon and his party and made a brief introduction to the history and development of SDUST. Yuan said that the globalization of higher education is the trend, so that SDUST values international communication and cooperation and is willing to establish partnership and have substantial exchange and collaboration with universities in Canada. Mr. Landon briefly introduced the higher education in GTA. He said that the city of Markham in GTA is known as the “the capital city of high-tech of Canada” and became sister city with Qingdao last year, which built a good platform for communication and cooperation between the two universities. The two sides had a discussion over cooperation areas and cooperation models. Mr. Landon said that they would promote cooperation and communication between SDUST and colleges and universities in GTA.
After the meeting, accompanied by senior officials from the International Office, Mr. Landon and his party visited the Earth Science Museum of SDUST.