Guests from University of Tasmania of Australia Visited SDUST

On January 22nd, Prof. Peter Frappell, Vice President of University of Tasmania, visited SDUST. Prof. Ren Tingqi, President of SDUST, met with guests together with senior officials from the International Office and Jinan campus of SDUST.
Prof. Ren extended his welcome to Prof. Frappell. Prof. Ren said that University of Tasmania is an important partner of SDUST, and that both sides share the same tasks and objectives in talent cultivation. Therefore, the two universities should spare no effort in improving cultivation quality and providing students with more opportunities to study in University of Tasmania. Prof. Frappell said that University of Tasmania, with many years of cooperation and friendly exchange with SDUST, will continue sending teaching staffs to SDUST and welcome more SDUST students to study in University of Tasmania.
Prof. Ren and Prof. Frappell reviewed the progress that had been made since the exchange visits of last October and acknowledged their achievements, expressing the willingness to progress bilateral cooperation and strengthen the management of joint education programs.