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Prof. Haruo Ishikawa Visits SDUST

SDUST President Ren Tingqi met with Prof. Haruo Ishikawa,former Vice-president of The University of Electro- Communications, Japan onOctober 16th. Li Ping, Director of the International Office and Wang Lai, Deanof the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture were also present at themeeting.

Ren extended his welcome to Ishikawa and briefed IshikawaSDUST's history and present in terms of academic strengths, disciplines,international exchange and cooperation, etc. He hoped the professor's visitcould promote exchanges between the two institutions. Ishikawa introduced theUniversity of Electro-Communications to the host and expressed his wish tocontribute to bilateral cooperation in the future.

Prof. Ishikawa was scheduled to have exchanges withfaculty of the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture and to givelectures to the College undergraduate and post graduate students during hisvisit.